The one stop photography solution

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The one stop photography solution

Photography is an intricate art which takes in a lot of variables to arrive at desired results. One of the most integral of these is choosing a skilled and highly photographer. Out of sheer necessity you need to settle for a professional photographer that has accrued extensive experience on capturing the kind of images you want. As well as having all the prerequisite equipment to transform nondescript photos into masterpieces that will serve the distinct purpose they were meant to. <br> <br> is undoubtedly the place to be to access a wide range of photographs that are characterized by an uncommon touch of quality. This highly seasoned photographer is adept at capturing any kind of images from a plethora of niches in this industry. This includes field such as commercial photography, landscapes, aerials, portraits , architecture, wedding and even cuisine photos. All of which incorporate a high level of professionalism that plainly speaking is just out of this world.

A good photographer should not just have the ability to shoot breathtaking images, but also have an excellent idea of how to process them. This is where photo editing applications such as photoshop come into play. It is a proven fact that the very best photos out there are those that have been masterfully retouched. is an expert in this field, and his work just speaks for itself. With a long track record off delivering quality images for virtually any type of photography, you can never go wrong with opting for the services of this seasoned photographer.

By simply taking time to visit this website, you will be able to view plenty of galleries from all the above mentioned niches. Whether it is for some summer or winter action, aerial shots or any other kind of photography you may be interested in. Miles Holden  is a professional Photographer based in Queenstown New Zealand and is a one-stop shop to access all the images you want, be they be for personal or commercial utilization.

Photo by Miles Holden

Tips On The Perfect Queenstown Backpackers Vacation

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The land of the long white cloud as New Zealand is fondly known is a destination that is partial to backpacking. With a delightful blend of mesmerizing scenery, loads of adventure sports and an amiable local population that will totally blow your mind out. When it comes to Queenstown backpackers there are diverse nomad or base hostels you could choose from without missing out on the fun that is to be had here.

One of the best means of transportation while in this area is by purchasing a campervan. Doing this will offer you unmatched flexibility and also enable you to conduct your vacation well off the usual tourist path. While also permitting you to make your own travel itinerary of the areas you would love to see. If this is for any reason not possible for your backpackers holiday, you can settle for hop on and hop off buses. This mode of transportation integrates an ideal balance of been a part of a small guided tour group and conducting your own self guided trip. These buses operate on predetermine routes around the country, and can also be an excellent means of obtaining passes to places you want to see the most.

As most seasoned backpackers would know, New Zealand is an adrenaline junky paradise. If this is your kind of thing you are in for a delightful surprise. You will be able to jump off bridges, planes or even roll off the hills in giant water-filled balls. You could also jump off cliffs with parachutes or cruise down rivers and narrowly evade canyon walls. You can also do some black water rafting beneath the earth’s surface. AJ Hackett was the first firm to set up a permanent commercial bungy jumping gig in Queenstown, and now you can choose from three spots to do this. These are the K Bridge, Nevis Highwire bungy and the Ledge bungy. All in all this area of New Zealand can be the nirvana of all backpackers.

Please check Absoloot Value Accommodation The Best Queenstown Backpackers for your backpacking needs when you are in the adventure capital of the world.

The Best Men’s and Women’s Watches for Iconic Gift Ideas

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Considering the plethora of devices which keep and tell time
in the modern world, it would seem as if the quintessential wrist watch would be dropping out of fashion fast. In the real world though, both men’s and women’s watches have been rising up in popularity as ideal gift ideas. Perhaps this owes to the inimitable personal touch attached to a watch or it may be due to
the fact that today you can order a personalized, custom made watch to meet your style and functional needs. The following is a basic guide on the best watch brands which make for the best gift idea for men and women.

The Best Men’s Watches at Watchsale

The range of classic Casio Men’s watches are some of the
most popular gifts you can order online. Watches in this range include the Casio A-158W-1, the AL 190WD 1-AV (solar) and the
CA-53W-1 calculator watch. All the watches in the range come with standard features such as alarm and are all water resistant.If you are looking for a watch as a gift ides for an adventurous
man, you will find more than enough choice in the Timex Expedition Series.

Leading examples in the series include the Expedition Aviator 49877, Expedition Shock XL 49950 and the Expedition Watch 46601. All watches in the series bear durable
and functional design for all-round practical use in extra-ordinary
environments be it the wearer is exploring the urban jungle or the untamed wild.

The Best Women’s Watches

It is arguable that selecting an ideal woman’s watch as gift
ideas is a much more intricate process compared to searching for a man’s watch. Women’s watches fall into two broad categories: dress watches and casual/sporty watches. The best women’s dress watches include the Casio LTP-1095E-1A with its genuine leather strap and polished silver tone finish. The watch is both stylish and easy to match with a range of dressing styles. The Timex 2H351 Easy Readers with its brushed and polished gold tone finish as well as Indiglo night light dial is the ultimate expression of style combined with practical functionality.

The Timex 1440 Women’s Sports Watch is an ideal example of a
fitting gift idea for the outgoing woman of action. Functional features include a 24-hour stopwatch as well as a 24 hour countdown timer. The ability to keep track of time across two time zones will also come in handy when travelling.

Christchurch Bed and Breakfast

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ChristChurch Bed and Breakfast

ChristChurch is a quaint New Zealand settlement that has grown into a bustling metropolis.

The city is known for its lush green landscape nestled at the foot of the mountains. That is why is Christchurch is known as the garden city. From it’s beautiful parks to the medians in the street, the entire city in landscaped like a lush European garden. You will see flowers everywhere lining the streets. There are beautiful groves of trees and fountains. It’s a perfect place to go and enjoy a
quiet vacation. That is why when it comes to bed and breakfast accommodation in Christchurch, the city  has the best in the world.

A good Bed and Breakfast is wonderful, you can enjoy your time in the house and eat there or you can go out and see the city. It’s about comfort and as far as a good b&b goes, Christchurch is your destination. You can find historic mansions with lush gardens. There are old family homes with picket fences and a rose garden out back. There are modern mansions with pools and spas for your comfort. Each and every little thing is designed for your comfort so that you feel relaxed and at home in a foreign destination.

These places can catered or not. They can have activities so that you can socialize and enjoy your time. They may just give you a quiet space to stay and enjoy yourself. It’s all about feeling relaxed in a welcoming environment where you can feel at home. That is what a bed and breakfast is all about. You will feel at home when you go to Christchurch especially if you stay in one of their
many lovely bed and breakfasts.

Visit to view one of the most luxurious Bed & Breakfasts in Christchurch.

The ultimate Gift basket Idea

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If looking for a gift idea or a hamper of choice, then check out

They offer a massive selection of hampers and gift baskets that are shipped all over New Zealand from there base in Queenstown. There online store is easy to navigate and there service is secound to none. Hampers can be such an easy gift for any occasion including, weddings, birthdays, christmas presents and ofcourse they are used ofetern in the corporate world.

Corporate Gift Baskets Korora Gifts

Come Fly fish with Stu In Queenstown and you won’t be disapointed!

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If you ever want tot just get away, into the outdoors and tuen your brain off, then Fly fishing is worth a crack. You are so focused on what youare doing, or are trying to do that your mind is elsewhere and you are completly in the moment.

Now, this can;t be a bad thing really. Outdoors, fresh air and don’t forget Stu!

Stu lives about an hour away from Queenstown and offers a variety of guided fly fishing trips around the area. He also sells the worlds best flys on line through his online store at

I am not going to go on any longer, I am just going to introduce you to Stu via this Youtube video, he rocks


Hanging out in Queenstown

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What a most spectacular location. I have lived here for more than twenty years and this place still blows me away. My friends were in town the other day for a visit for the first time and there heads were spinning.

They stayed at Absoloot Value Accommodation Queenstown which is situated write in the heart of town, so close to all of the fun. They said the staff were really chilled and helped them out with what ever they needed.


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