Come Fly fish with Stu In Queenstown and you won’t be disapointed!

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If you ever want tot just get away, into the outdoors and tuen your brain off, then Fly fishing is worth a crack. You are so focused on what youare doing, or are trying to do that your mind is elsewhere and you are completly in the moment.

Now, this can;t be a bad thing really. Outdoors, fresh air and don’t forget Stu!

Stu lives about an hour away from Queenstown and offers a variety of guided fly fishing trips around the area. He also sells the worlds best flys on line through his online store at

I am not going to go on any longer, I am just going to introduce you to Stu via this Youtube video, he rocks


Hanging out in Queenstown

Posted on: October 15th, 2013 by
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What a most spectacular location. I have lived here for more than twenty years and this place still blows me away. My friends were in town the other day for a visit for the first time and there heads were spinning.

They stayed at Absoloot Value Accommodation Queenstown which is situated write in the heart of town, so close to all of the fun. They said the staff were really chilled and helped them out with what ever they needed.


Check them out at for more details