Looking for Roofers in Christchurch

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With the huge re build gong on in Christchurch City New Zealand, here has been a short supply of quality trades people. In particular Roofers who can install the slate.

There is quiet a art to  installing slate roofing products and takes many years to master.

Enable Roofing Christchurch Roofing company

Enable Roofing have been putting roofs on Christchurch homes for many years and have a very experienced crew. If you have a earthquake damaged roof and need help deciding you options then please visit Enable Roofers Christchurch for there contact information.

Hanging out in Queenstown

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What a most spectacular location. I have lived here for more than twenty years and this place still blows me away. My friends were in town the other day for a visit for the first time and there heads were spinning.

They stayed at Absoloot Value Accommodation Queenstown which is situated write in the heart of town, so close to all of the fun. They said the staff were really chilled and helped them out with what ever they needed.


Check them out at www.absoloot.co.nz for more details

Wellington Day Care Opens its Doors

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Below is the first news letter from Leaps & Bounds Day Care Wellington back in May

Welcome to the first newsletter from Leaps and Bounds Grenada.
We are heading into our 7th week of being open. It has been a very exciting time for us as we have met you all and made new friends along our journey. And our journey has just started we have a long way to go before we become a well established childcare centre, but we are looking forward to what lies ahead and we have big plans for our children and families.
We are slowly ironing out all the little niggles of a new building and a new business. Our landline is now up and running and we have broadband access…..ultra fast broadband at that! If you need to contact the centre please call the main number
which is 4770582. If we do not answer your call please leave a message on the answer phone and we will get back to you
We have many avenues of keeping you informed as to what is happening in the centre. These include
facebook, website, newsletter and the parent portal. Anything which needs printing off will be placed in your child’s pocket which is located outside their room on the walls. If you are
having trouble locating their pocket please ask Renée where it is.
In this newsletter we will introduce you to our teachers who are looking after your tamariki and provide you with a brief introduction to the programme plan that is running in the different rooms of the centre. As you are aware the two rooms in each area are working closely together as we
work on growing our numbers in the centre. Once our numbers reach double figures we will then look at separating the two big rooms, but in the meantime we will be keeping the children
together for the majority of the day as they need playmates!
Please ensure that you put the correct suffix on our bank account number it should be 10 not 01. We have spoken to the parents who this has affected but just for future reference.
If you have any questions about the centre and how it operates please feel free to ask myself
(Cheryl), Renée or the head teachers.